Praktische Machine Learning Erfahrungen sammeln bei Picnic

Die Ferien stehen vor der Tür und du weißt noch nicht so recht, wie du die Zeit verbringen sollst? Wenn unsere Machine Learning-Ressourcen zu theoretisch für dich sind, ist eine praktische Erfahrung bei unserem Kooperationspartner Picnic eine Idee:
Picnic ist als Online-Supermarkt auf kluge Köpfe angewiesen, die innovative Ansätze haben, wie sich das Operative weiter optimieren lässt. In einem Vortrag zu Anfang des Semesters durften wir mehr zur Routenoptimierung der Lieferfahrzeuge beziehungsweise dem dahinterstehenden Algorithmus erfahren. STADS bei der Bewerbung anzugeben ist sicher kein Hindernis.
Die Stellen sind sowhol als Internships als auch Graduate Jobs ausgeschrieben.

Business Analyst Intern

From day one, you start coordinating a personal project. You develop the proposal and take complete ownership over an idea. It’s important to us that you run the whole project from initiation to implementation. That means, the more time you have available, the more interesting projects you can take over!
We expect interns to fit straight into a demanding atmosphere. You’ll find yourself working alongside the founders, treated as a full-time employee, and received invaluable experience in a challenging environment. With your foot in the door, you can create a solid platform from which to embark on a career. As an intern at Picnic, your work will have a genuine impact on an evolving company.

Thesis Analyst Intern

Do you want to be part of the grocery revolution, and you’re looking for a thesis topic for your Master graduation? Picnic offers you the opportunity to write your Master Thesis for about 5 – 6 months in an innovative start-up culture where everything you do matters. With a data-driven approach and an incredible service, Picnic strives to make grocery shopping simple, fun, and affordable for everyone. Known for our just-in-time supply-chain and unique last-mile delivery strategy, we have become one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe!

Business Analyst 

Do you want to be part of the grocery revolution and your educational background is in Engineering, Mathematics, Econometrics or Physics? Picnic is data-driven and complex – from solving operational challenges, coming up with new customer acquisition strategies, to scaling Picnic services in Germany – there’s space for diverse talent in our Düsseldorf office. As a Business Analyst (m/w/d) at Picnic you understand what drives consumer behaviour and operational efficiency. You’ll glean actionable insights from large data sets – but your eyes won’t be glued to data all day! You also offer entrepreneurial, realistic, and practical business opportunities.

Graduate Analyst 

As a fresh Graduate starting a full-time role, you’ll take action from day one and fit straight into a very dynamic atmosphere with a really steep learning curve! From perfecting our delivery routes, forecasting our growth, improving the warehouse processes, or coming up with new strategies to reduce waste – we have great opportunities for unique projects at Picnic. You’ll be part of a dedicated team and take ownership of your ideas in Fulfilment, Distribution, Commercial or Growth areas. It’s very important to us that you’re excited about taking ownership over ideas and running projects from initiation to implementation.

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Frühjahrs- / Sommersemester 2021

Frühjahrs- / Sommersemester 2021

RECAP Es ist unglaublich, wie flott das Semester auch dieses Mal wieder vorbei ging. Danke, dass ihr STADS trotz weiterhin erschwerter Umstände zu dem gemacht habe, was der Verein ist. Danke an die Ressorts, die von virtuellem Teambuilding zu spannenden...

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