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At STADS, we organize various events on the topics of data science and statistics. We look forward to your visit!

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The STADS Event Concept

At STADS, we offer our members and interested parties a wide range of events. Between expert lectures, workshops, programming courses and team events, there is something for everyone. We offer numerous events in collaboration with our cooperation partners and external speakers. These include workshops, expert lectures and Datathon. 


During the semester, we offer specialist lectures by experts from companies as part of the Monday sessions. In these lectures, practical applications on topics related to data science are usually explained and taught or theoretical knowledge is deepened in an application-specific way. These sessions are also open to non-STADS members.

Specialist Seminars

We offer lectures on various topics for advanced students. Here you can immerse yourself in various topics and learn about neural networks, reinforcement learning or time series analysis, for example. We also regularly demonstrate new programming languages and libraries so that you are always up to date. The seminars last around 90 minutes and, in addition to the theory, you will also receive practical examples and materials so that you can continue to work on the topic yourself afterwards.


Workshops are a popular form of hands-on work with our corporate partners. Small teams usually work on case studies from our corporate partner’s practice throughout the day. After a successful application, you will have the opportunity to gain a direct insight into issues from your future working environment. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to get to know the company present at a dinner in a personal atmosphere.


Datathon are another form of event with our cooperation partners. Similar to a workshop, these involve working on a task set by the company. As the name suggests, the focus here is primarily on programming.

Programming Courses

We offer an 8-week programming course in R or Python every semester. The courses are also a good opportunity for absolute beginners to start coding and learn the basics. Here you will be given the basic tools you need to successfully participate in workshops, hackathons and projects later on. We also regularly organize SQL courses for beginners and advanced users.


The training projects take place in the FSS. Here you can apply your programming skills in R or Python to real data. You will work on a data set over several weeks and will be coached by an experienced STADS member. In addition to coding skills, you will also learn how to properly prepare and professionally present your results. At the end, you can present your project to a STADS jury or the association.

Team Events

Gemeinsam Spaß haben! Das ist die Basis für ein erfolgreiches und gemeinschaftliches Vereinsleben.

Mit regelmäßigen Teamevents bauen wir Vertrauen auf, stärken den Teamspirit und schärfen die gegenseitige Wahrnehmung. So ist es unser Ziel, ein Umfeld zu schaffen, in dem sich jedes unserer Mitglieder wohlfühlt, um gemeinsam den Weg vom Ich zum Wir zu gehen. Dies ermöglicht gerade unseren neuen Mitgliedern ein schnelles Kennenlernen der erfahrenen Mitglieder und dadurch ein stabiles Fundament für zukünftigen konstruktiven Austausch.

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