Data Bootcamp 2024

April 22 to May 03 2024





1000 €


The STADS Data Bootcamp starts again!

Participants can expect two weeks of intensive teamwork on Data Science, Datavisualization or Programming Challenges and lots of fun.


🚀 This year even more exciting: one year DataCamp license for each member of the winning teams!




Where? Kick Off at
A203, B6
68159 Mannheim
When? Start on 22 April 2024, 7 PM

The Challenges

Beginner's Track: Unleash Your Inner Data Storyteller

Unleash your inner analyst and data explorer! In this challenge, you’ll be presented with a dataset and the basic instructions about the Exploratory Data Analysis techniques. Your mission: transform raw data into a captivating story. Use your creativity and analytical skills to uncover hidden insights and present them in a clear, compelling way. Surprise us with innovative visualizations and explore different storytelling techniques to make your findings truly stand out.


Intermediate Track: Building a Content-based Recommender System

Take your data skills to the next level! This challenge delves into the world of recommender systems. You will get to know the groundwork for building a content-based recommender system, but that’s just the beginning! Dig deeper, explore algorithms, and experiment with different data pre-processing methods. Your goal? To craft a recommender system that delivers the most relevant and personalized suggestions, leaving users wanting more.



What language?

Python. If that doesn’t work for you at all, you can choose R or something similar as well.


What time period?

The Bootcamp will take place over a period of 2 weeks, starting on April 22nd, with a final presentation on May 3rd.


How many members per team?

You will preferably work in teams of 1-3 members. However, if you prefer to work in smaller or larger teams, you can also do so.

What requirements?

You will need a running Python environment, such as PyCharm or Jupyter. Links to help you set up will follow soon. Additionally, you can ask for help in the Q&A Teams channel 😊.


What is the time schedule?

The Kickoff provides important and useful insights on how to structure your project, as well as setting up GitHub. Starting from the Kickoff, beginners should load the dataset, take a first look at it, and get their setup up and running. More experienced students can also start with the EDA (exploratory data analysis). Beginners will follow in the second half, while the more experienced should focus on the recommendation engine. You will be able to contact your mentors throughout the whole period.


Where will we communicate with each other?

We will use the Teams channels for communication and announcements, and the Notion page to share general information with you.


When will I get a mentor and how do we get in contact with them?

You will be matched with your mentor depending on your skill level and the track you choose for the second half of the Bootcamp. They will join your team on Teams 😊.


What style will the presentation be in?

You will hold a 5-minute pitch of the results and findings of your project. Afterwards, the jury can ask you questions for 3 minutes.


Will we get a Certification?

Yes! If you complete all the tasks and present your findings well, we will give you a certificate 🤓.

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